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Total Quality Library Improvement-A Workshop held at Conference Hall, St.Agnes College, Mangalore on 15-03-2008

Inaugurated by Prof.V G Talawar, Vice Chancellor, Mysore  University and Sri Kadadevara Math , President, KSCLA was the Guest of Honour

A Seminar on ‘Best Practices in Library and Information Centre’, on the occasion of Librarians’ Day held at St Agnes College  on  August 19, 2008

Inaugurated by Captain Ganesh Karnik, and Prof I K Ravichandra Rao, DRTC,Bangalore was the Guest of Honour

Librarians' Day Celebration 2009- St.Agnes College, Mangalore  : Informative Exhibition on Research Documents on 12 August, 2009

Exhibition on Research Documents- Inaugurated by Dr Abdul Rehaman, Former Vice Chancellor, Calicut University

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